Prototypes, One-offs, Blems, etc.

Impatient?  Yeah, us too.  Our normal production blades are generally made on order.  So you have to wait a few weeks for us to make them. Which, frankly, sucks.  Maybe you're not that dude who's all happy standing around in the grocery line for twenty minutes just so you can buy a sixpack of PBRs.  You're the adapt-improvise-overcome guy.  


So.  Don't wait.


See, sometimes we make stuff that's not for normal production or that we screwed up on in some small way.  Now it's sitting around cluttering up our shop.  All these knives are 100% functional and meet our normal standards for durability, cutting ability, proper heat treatment, etc.  So pick up some Tactix Armory bodaciousness.  Now.  At bargain prices.


Bear in mind, all sales of prototypes, one-offs and blemished knives are final and will likely have a few bumps and dings that our standard production knives don't.  Buy it today, we ship it tomorrow.  Sorry, no returns.