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About Our Knives

At Tactix Armory™ we know who we are, we know what we like, and we don’t try to be anything else.


Founder Walter Sorrells has a deep background in martial arts and competitive shooting.  He hangs with cops, firemen, vets, martial artists, hunters, fishermen and gun guys.  Serious, practical people who need serious, practical knives.  At Tactix Armory, we put our blades into the hands of people who use them in rigorous circumstances as part of the fabric of their lives.  They speak, and we listen.


But at the end of the day every facet of design and implementation is an expression of how Walter sees the world.  If you don’t see the world his way, hey, you probably won’t like Tactix Armory™ knives. And that’s okay.  We don’t make blades for everybody.


Tactix Armory™ knives are made in a low volume production environment. These aren’t “custom” knives.  But they aren’t cranked out by the hundred on a machine in China, either.  Our blades are manufactured one at a time, at our facility outside Atlanta by skilled American craftsmen.  Every knife is made to order for a specific customer so we don’t lose sight of the fact that your knife represents your life. 


Our knives start as bars of high quality American-made steel, precision ground to within a few thousandths of an inch to a precise specification.  The blades are made with a combination of high tech wizardry and careful handwork, incorporating both CNC machining with tolerances to the thousandth of an inch, and high-skill hand grinding, assembly and polishing.  Heat treating is done in small batches in a carefully controlled environment, supervised by Walter.  The blades are subjected to sophisticated thermal cycling including cryogenic treatment in liquid nitrogen to optimize the qualities of the steel for the particular knife in which they’ll be used.  Heat treating is the single most important aspect of making knives and it’s an area where we don’t scrimp or cut corners.  As a general rule, our knife handles are made from canvas Micarta, a phenolic laminate with a "grippy" feel, long beloved by custom knife makers for its toughness, durability and unique appearance -- though occasionally we'll use other materials like carbon fiber, Delrin and G-10.

Most of our blades are given a Kydex sheath, custom molded and shaped to that specific knife.


Finally the knives are honed to a hair-popping edge.   


Whether your knife is intended for every day carry, duty, self defense, outdoor pursuits or all of the above…at Tactix Armory™ we mean it when we say, “It’s not just a knife.  It’s your life.”

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