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Own a Youtube demonstration knife!  This Santoku style knife features a striking hamon.  The blade is a hair under 8 inches in length and about 1.75" in width, with a thickness of 1/8th inch.  The handle is composed of vintage micarta and zebra wood.  In addition to being featured in Walter's Youtube video, the blade marks the debut of Sheffcut, the brand new steel from Sheffield, England.  As far as we're aware, this pair of knives may well be the first sold in the US made with this steel!   See the Youtube video from 1/21/23 for more details. 


  • Please understand that as a demonstrator knife built specifically for demonstration purposes on a Youtube video, this knife is not necessarily made to Walter's normal fit-and-finish specs.  It's a fully functional, properly heat treated knife, but may have very minor cosmetic flaws.  As such, the knife is non-returnable.

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